Snake Articles (mostly Cadmium Morph news)

The articles on this page will cover my Cadmium Morph breeding project as well as other snake related experiences I have.

Setting up my store!

To reduce confusion about what's for sale I'm going ahead and setting up an online store. I have to warn you, I have not set up an actual commerce portal so the checkout goes no where just yet (but I don't have customers right now, so who cares?) If you want something from the for sale page, email me with the animal ID numbers, any offers you have for multiple animals, and your zipcode. I'll get you a total (delivered) price & my paypal info. If that's all good, we can pick a ship date and get you your snakes.

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Please check out the snakes for sale!

In the mean time, here's a perfectly normal Prairie king snake hatchling I found in the woods the other day. He was on his way to hunt for anything and everything he can subdue and consume because everything in nature eats everything else. Good luck, killer.


might as well update the 2015's too

***To make things run smoother I am setting up my store. Please use the link in the navigation bar to see what's currently for sale.*** October 12, 2017

While I was checking the 2016's I went ahead and updated the 2015's.

2015-01-02 Female (morph) pretty, pretty girl.


2015-01-03 Male (morph) not my favorite example but it counts.


2015-02-03 Male (morph) if you like the grey version this guy will be gorgeous


2015-02-04 Female (morph?) See notes at the top of this post!


2015-03-02 Female (typical) If you look back at the 2014 snakes many of them have a lemon yellow ground color. I think this one will be more like pumpkin orange. See notes at the top of this post!


2015-05-01 Female (typical) Another one that's more orange. (I'm interested to see how the colors change over time if you go back and look at the original progenitors of this morph there was at least one dark orange snake) See notes at the top of this post!


2016 hatchlings - September update

***To make things run smoother I am setting up my store. Please use the link in the navigation bar to see what's currently for sale.*** October 12, 2017

***September 13th update: I got pics of a couple of the snakes that where in shed. See below.

2016-01-03 Female (morph) this gal has a kink in her spine (notice it on the lower left of this pic?) but her pattern is starting to fade; she has good grey & orange colors so she might make a good snake. We'll see.


2016-02-01 Male (morph) This guy qualifies as a morph based on the broken eye stripe & broken pattern. I'm not impressed with the colors. His ventral spots are uniformly dark. Maybe my eye stripe hypothesis is full of crap. We'll see.


2016-02-02 Male (morph) grey & yellow colors, broken patterns. This guy will make a nice grown up.


2016-02-04 Female (typical) This one has morph colors but the pattern isn't really broken. I'm calling it a typical.


2016-02-05 Male (typical) This guy was in shed when I took the first pics but here he is!! Nice.


2016-02-07 Female (morph) she was also in shed when I first took pics but here's an updated look at her.


2016-03-02 Female (morph) Show this one to your rat snake loving buddies and ask them to name the species.


2016-03-03 Male (morph) Here's another one to confuse your pals. Feel free to tell them it's a copper-mouth rattle moccasin or some such crap.


2016-04-01 Female (super freaking typical) This is the snake with weirdly crisp coloration. I know I'm missing something simple about what's going on here but I can't put my finger on it. This isn't axanthic is it?... I don't know what will happen but this snake is a good feeder and a pussy cat to handle so it goes on my "give it one more year" list.


2016-05-01 Female (typical) This little gal didn't want to eat last year and I had to force feed it through the winter. This spring it took off feeding no problem but you'll notice it's half the size of it's siblings. It has typical patterning & colors so I should probably stick this one in the freezer but I put so much work into it that I'll give it another year.


2016-05-03 Male (morph) This is a weird looking snake that I'm calling a morph. Instead of broken patterns it has odd light spots in the center of the first half of its ventral markings. I'm keeping it one more year to see what happens, too.


2016-05-04 Male (morph) This will be a good looking snake when he's grown! 


2016-05-05 Male (typical) This guy is pretty good looking but so was I at that age.


2016-06-03 Female (typical) This one is going to be nice & orange.


I will be selling some of these babies over the next few months as I figure out a new breeding plan for next year.

I will also have this year's babies for sale next spring/early summer once they've proven to be hardy, healthy snakes and their colors/patterns start to pop.



House cleaning! Time to get rid of some snakes

***To make things run smoother I am setting up my store. Please use the link in the navigation bar to see what's currently for sale.*** October 12, 2017

So I decided to sell some snakes, went to take new pics and sure enough most of them are in shed. Oh well, I'll get better pics as the weeks go on. (New pics are up see below!)

2006-01-01 M (HET) This guy is right at 6 ft long and eating med-large rats once-twice per week.


2006-01-01 F (HET) She's about 5 feet lays 16-18 eggs at a time and has double clutched on me the last 2 years (second clutch was 6-8 eggs). Like long walks on the beach, jazz & small-medium many as you want to throw her.


2013-01-03 F (HET) This gal was in shed when I originally took pics but here she is in all her glory. She laid (9) good eggs with 2014-01-01 M and hatched 1/4 morphs. Eating weened/pup rats.


2013-03-01 F (HET) This gal was also in shed but here's an updated pic. She did not lay this year but bred successfully last year with her brother. Eating weened/pup rats.


2014-01-01 M (HET) Here's a nice yellow boy. This was his first year breeding but he got 9 healthy babies from 2013-01-03 F. Eating pup/fuzzy rats.


 2014-01-02 F(HET) This gal hatched (6) healthy babies this year with her brother 2014-01-08 M (1/3 were morphs) Eating pup/fuzzy rats.


2014-01-03 F (Possible HET) This gal only laid 3 good eggs this year and none were morphs. She should be HET but I haven't proven it so she's cheap (and lemon yellow). Eating pup/fuzzy rats


2014-01-04 M (HET) This guy gave us 1/4 morphs with 2013-01-03 F. Eating pup/fuzzy rats.


2014-01-08 M (HET) He bred with 2014-01-02 F and gave us 1/4 morphs. Eating pup/fuzzy rats.


You can go back to previous posts and see pics of the shedding snakes from a few months ago and obviously I'll work deals for buying multiple snakes at once.

For those who don't just want happy healthy amazing looking Texas ratsnakes with wonderful yellow & orange coloration, you'll just have to wait until next spring when I start selling 2016 & 2017 morphs.

quick note: I have worked in purchasing for 20 years and know a terrible salesman when I see one. I'm a terrible salesman. But I have a good product for someone who wants it. These are interesting animals you can't get anywhere else and despite my non-existent web traffic, with a few phone calls/emails next spring I'll be feeding about 20 fewer animals. If you are serious please contact me at



Time to sell some snakes

I've received a few emails over the last year asking if I wanted to sell some snakes and, although I wanted to, I wasn't sure how to proceed responsibly. I have sold/traded more than a few animals in my day but it was always an iffy proposition with no responsible/legal way to ship the animals or get paid. I've also been on the wrong side of some bad deals. "Back in the day" I bought some snakes that were both misidentified species and sexes. It was a huge waste of time and my hard earned $$$. Twice, I bought (or was given) snakes that came in with mites an infected my entire collection! What a nightmare! The point is: I refuse to do this to other people. I would like to begin dispersing my animals to reputable breeders and responsible collectors but I need to be sure I do it right. So, I contacted some experienced breeders who have given me advice and I've registered with some legitimate, respectable sources to handle shipping. Now I feel like I'm finally able to get started. In the next week or two I'll be posting a list & pics of happy, healthy, proven breeding het adults that I need to get rid of. If this works well, I'll follow up with some typical/het young snakes that I think will be good looking animals you'll want in your collections. Finally, next spring I'll begin selling baby morphs from this year's hatchlings. I want to make sure they are all good feeders (some of my baby morphs have been reluctant feeders and I'm not passing that problem on to you).

I am planning to post some pics, descriptions, & prices in the next few days along with contact info. I'm also making plans to attend the the NARBC show in Arlington for at least one day in September so if you're in the area and want to see some snakes, let me know.