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The articles on this page will cover my Cadmium Morph breeding project as well as other snake related experiences I have.

House cleaning! Time to get rid of some snakes

***To make things run smoother I am setting up my store. Please use the link in the navigation bar to see what's currently for sale.*** October 12, 2017

So I decided to sell some snakes, went to take new pics and sure enough most of them are in shed. Oh well, I'll get better pics as the weeks go on. (New pics are up see below!)

2006-01-01 M (HET) This guy is right at 6 ft long and eating med-large rats once-twice per week.


2006-01-01 F (HET) She's about 5 feet lays 16-18 eggs at a time and has double clutched on me the last 2 years (second clutch was 6-8 eggs). Like long walks on the beach, jazz & small-medium many as you want to throw her.


2013-01-03 F (HET) This gal was in shed when I originally took pics but here she is in all her glory. She laid (9) good eggs with 2014-01-01 M and hatched 1/4 morphs. Eating weened/pup rats.


2013-03-01 F (HET) This gal was also in shed but here's an updated pic. She did not lay this year but bred successfully last year with her brother. Eating weened/pup rats.


2014-01-01 M (HET) Here's a nice yellow boy. This was his first year breeding but he got 9 healthy babies from 2013-01-03 F. Eating pup/fuzzy rats.


 2014-01-02 F(HET) This gal hatched (6) healthy babies this year with her brother 2014-01-08 M (1/3 were morphs) Eating pup/fuzzy rats.


2014-01-03 F (Possible HET) This gal only laid 3 good eggs this year and none were morphs. She should be HET but I haven't proven it so she's cheap (and lemon yellow). Eating pup/fuzzy rats


2014-01-04 M (HET) This guy gave us 1/4 morphs with 2013-01-03 F. Eating pup/fuzzy rats.


2014-01-08 M (HET) He bred with 2014-01-02 F and gave us 1/4 morphs. Eating pup/fuzzy rats.


You can go back to previous posts and see pics of the shedding snakes from a few months ago and obviously I'll work deals for buying multiple snakes at once.

For those who don't just want happy healthy amazing looking Texas ratsnakes with wonderful yellow & orange coloration, you'll just have to wait until next spring when I start selling 2016 & 2017 morphs.

quick note: I have worked in purchasing for 20 years and know a terrible salesman when I see one. I'm a terrible salesman. But I have a good product for someone who wants it. These are interesting animals you can't get anywhere else and despite my non-existent web traffic, with a few phone calls/emails next spring I'll be feeding about 20 fewer animals. If you are serious please contact me at