Snake Articles (mostly Cadmium Morph news)

The articles on this page will cover my Cadmium Morph breeding project as well as other snake related experiences I have.

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

Of the 28 babies I hatched this year, 26 were 12-14 grams upon hatching. The notable exceptions being one that was 8 grams (named Tiny) and one that was 16 grams (named Biggie). This is enough of a disparity to follow up on their progression. What do I have a couple months later? Well, despite offering the same food in the same environment, the small snake is still 1/2 the size of the large snake (12g vs 24g). What does that mean? Who knows? Do I look like a herpetologist to you? I have no way of knowing what’s going on genetically. I can tell you that some of my morphs are noticeably smaller than their hatchling kin. I have adult male rat snakes that exceed 6 feet in length while other sub adults look like they’ll never make it. to that size. Who has 10 or 12 years to learn these things? (Besides me?) Do I have a dwarf gene? If I do then my Hobbit reference in the title to this post would be ridiculous and I should go back and make some kind of joke about Smaug or the King Under the Mountain. I’ll let you debate that one among yourselves. Until then here’s pics of Biggie and Tiny.