Snake Articles (mostly Cadmium Morph news)

The articles on this page will cover my Cadmium Morph breeding project as well as other snake related experiences I have.

All work and no play...

My job has been a real nightmare lately but at least I get to go home and clean up snake poo.

That being said, I've learned a few things lately. 

For example: My plan to wait 1 year to list baby snakes has been proven based on how the colors are kicking in. That's the peachiest Texas Ratsnake I've ever seen.


The other stuff I've learned has mostly been about social media.

1) Most people on facebook want to stay on facebook and don't really care to read your website.

2) If you want to list snakes for sale on facebook you need to turn on public messaging.

3) The email address you use for paypal is the one you should use for all your business contacts, otherwise you look kind of shady.

Live and learn, my friends.

Next in the local news we have a herp show in my area now

I went yesterday and had a really good time. I met up with an old friend, saw some cool animals/products, and my faith in humanity was, generally, restored. I was proud of how many people showed up and (not to sound judgey) how many of them were "normal". let's be honest people who keep cold blooded animals typically more tattoo-ey and alternative-lifestyle-y. I'm not judging people by their piercings but most herp shows are bad places to turn on a large electro magnet....says the guy whose never been called "normal" in his life.

the point is, I saw lots of middle aged, working class people with their kids looking at and purchasing animals no one would have dared do suring daylight hours when I was an 11 year old who would have LOVED to got o a herp show. Thank you, society.

That being said, here's couple more cool snake pics form today.

My lovely mosaic 2016 female.


And this other 2016 male sure looks like he has a vertebral stripe. What will come of this?