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The articles on this page will cover my Cadmium Morph breeding project as well as other snake related experiences I have.

snake hoax

Back in the day (this term now refers to anytime before 2007. 2007 being when the internet was introduced to our phones and the world became a ridiculously smaller place than ever before.

It goes like this:

#1 everything before 10,000BCE = all people everywhere appear to have the same technology: stone axes, flint arrow tips, animal hides for clothing (we'll discuss gobekli tepe and randall carlson's theories later)

#2 starting 5,000 BCE the techno-arc begins it's rotation around the world introducing organized society and bureaucracy to humans in the middle east, south america and china. The first (historical) societies figure out how to organize for mass agriculture and complex societies setting the stage for everything we learned about in church and public school before the 21rst century.

#3 about 2,000 years ago the organized societies of the western world set up a template for organized society that will be scattered by the mongol hordes and Persian empire several centuries later.

#4 <1,000 years ago the devastation of the organized western world by the fall of the old empires leads to a new, more-free type of human movement and a new form of imperialism. The age of modern architecture, science and mathematics is born over the course of 5 centuries.

#5 ~100 years ago computational mathematics and mass communication begins to take hold and an almost modern socio-evolutionary change begins to occur.

#6 ~60 years ago: we mark the Earth with our energy consumption in the form of nuclear explosions and plastic consumption

#7 ~10 years ago: the age of data takes hold and we become what we are now. The luckiest people ever to be jobless and watching great TV and youtube videos.

This brings us to today. There is so much data available that anyone who WANTS to learn can make themselves an academic and anyone who WANTS to be lied to can accept the fake paradigm and consume the carbs. It was about 10 years ago that I was so upset with fake-giant-snake internet crap that I posted the following picture online with the f&^king disclaimer that it was fake.

No one seemed to notice.