Snakes For Sale

First some important info:

> All my snakes are captive bred by me from my original captive bred stock! It's all documented on this website so don't ask until you've read.

> All my snakes eat frozen/thawed mice & rats once to twice per week.

> All prices are + freight! I'll be shipping using or I'll be looking at the weather to avoid excess heat or cold when shipping and all packages will come FedEx next day so when I email you that they have shipped be prepared to receive them.

> I'm going to accept paypal or personal checks. If you do checks I'm going to wait for the check to clear before I ship. It's just good business. But seriously, it's 2018… paypal

> I’m doing my best to get pictures that show the snakes actual colors but it’s tougher than it seems. if you want more pics of a specific animal, let me know.

For now, make an offer on the animals you want, email me a ship-to zipcode and I'll get back to you with total pricing and paypal info.

*** I got a paypal link!! ***

November 3rd 2018:

I am getting ready to cool these snakes for the winter and when I warm them back up in the spring I have to feed them, so I’ve dropped the price on everything. If you want a cool rat snake check out the new pics.