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First some important info:

> All my snakes are captive bred by me from my original captive bred stock! It's all documented on this website so don't ask until you've read.

> All my snakes eat frozen/thawed mice & rats once to twice per week.

> All prices are + freight! I'll be shipping using or I'll be looking at the weather to avoid excess heat or cold when shipping and all packages will come FedEx next day so when I email you that they have shipped be prepared to receive them.

> I'm going to accept paypal or personal checks. If you do checks I'm going to wait for the check to clear before I ship. It's just good business. But seriously, it's 2018… paypal

> I’m doing my best to get pictures that show the snakes actual colors but it’s tougher than it seems. if you want more pics of a specific animal, let me know.

For now, make an offer on the animals you want, email me a ship-to zipcode and I'll get back to you with total pricing and paypal info.

*** I got a paypal link!! ***

December 12 2018:

All my snakes are cooling the winter and when I warm them back up in the spring I have to feed them, so I’ve dropped the price on everything. If you want a cool rat snake check out the new pics and make me an offer

Lastly, this “for sale” page is just a front. I haven’t actually set up the check out functions. Pick what you want and email me. I’ll confirm everything and we’ll get you handled. You can’t actually check out on this page (sorry but I don’t sell enough snakes to justify that)

18-01-10 Male


18-01-10 Male

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